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Senior Spotlight

Miss Tegan Montgomery

SOLO Montgomery Tegan (3).JPG

"My name is Tegan Montgomery. I am a senior at Burrell High School and I have been dancing since I was 4 years old at A Step Above Dance Academy. I am so grateful for this studio and the art of dance. I have made so many lifelong friends and met so many amazing people through dance. So grateful for all the support from my friends, family and teachers throughout the years. I plan to attend nursing school and possibly teach later on. 

My advice to any young dancers: Don't doubt yourself and always be confident in your ability to dance and achieve!"

Miss Shelby Seybert

SOLO Seybert Shelby (4).JPG

"My name is Shelby Seybert, I am a senior at Valley Highschool. I have been dancing since the age of 3 and it has became such a huge part of my life.  Dance is my happy place, it has made me the person I am today. I have made so many friends and met so many amazing people through dance. I wouldn’t be here without my supportive family, dance friends, and my amazing teachers who have made me become the dancer I am today. After high school, I want to go to college to major in dance and minor in theater. After college I would like to attend a program to study more dance. I want to study commercial dance and jazz dance. My goal in life is to become a professional dancer and work on cruise ships, backup dancer, choreographer, and more."

Miss K'ahna Witcher

SOLO Witcher K'ahna (5).JPG

"My name is K’ahna Witcher, I am a senior at Valley High school, and I have been dancing since I was three years old. Dance has helped mold me into the person I am today, and I am so grateful for the art. Throughout my years as a dancer, I have met some of my closest friends, made connections with so many talented people, and had the opportunity to learn from some amazing teachers.  I simply could not imagine my life without dance, and am so grateful for my  family, friends, and teachers who continue to support and encourage me throughout my dance journey.  After Highschool, I plan to attend college to double major in dance and business in hopes of later becoming a company artist and renowned choreographer.  

   My advice to any younger dancers: Always continue to push yourself and advocate for yourself, know your worth, and always prioritize movement quality and artistry over tricks!"

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